About Musirama
My aptitude is to transform the matter giving it back all its expressive and communicative charge. I try to look beyond, to understand what lies on the other side of the matter itself, just investigating the emotional tension that I feel waving in the course of life.
The mosaic provides nature with a framework, a structure because nature is primarily shaped and structured, and discovering the essence of this plot is what features my research.
The gesture of placing each tile or element becomes so important as it was a note in a score, a continuous adjustment to the subtle breath of matter in search of a compositive melody, now warmer and expansive, then quieter and shy, placing it in a timeless space that makes the mosaic, by its nature fixed and static, an ensemble of vibrations with continuous echoes. 

Mosaic is a language that devotes itself to the value of the surface, wich becomes unbelievably interesting after a thorough study and application of the Theory of Color. The raw materials used become capable of creating  a great effect through the texture’s weft and warp that almost suggests a tactile approach  that reveals only when close to them the secrets of what the eyes can recognize from a distance.
Actually, the sensibility and the gestures of its workmanship, the small tiles of different materials shaped and placed accurately through a masterly constrcution of the tones and shades of colors can present boundless variables creating a never static surface that lively express itself through a vibrating dynamism. The rhythmical play of materials is nothing but the different light-hold of the tiles reflecting a constantly changing and shot texture.  

Musirama originates from the will to explore the contemporary side of the mosaic art. It takes roots in the solid background of a Master of Mosaic but gives voice to a natural and inspired personal evolution. Combining the figure of pictor imaginarius and magister musivarius I dedicate myself to the design and realization of mosaic artworks  that become unique through an accurate mingling of different materials.
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